Recommended Reading

Today, there are literally hundreds of books written about falconry. Some are instructional, some are research, some are fictional and some are non-fiction. The books listed here are those commonly found in many falconers personal libraries.

North American Falconry and Hunting Hawks – Hal Webster (Editor), Frank L. Beebe (Editor). This book is highly recommended for anyone considering Falconry. There are literally years of experience by some of the world’s greatest falconers documented here. Older versions of this book were actually used to formulate questions and answers for the federal falconry examinations. A lot has changed from the first edition to the current edition and Hal and Frank have done a great job with adding new information.

Understanding the Bird of Prey – Nick Fox. An excellent book addressing many areas of raptor management and their daily routines.

Raptors, The Birds of Prey – Scott Weidensaul. This is the first comprehensive guide to the biology, ecology and conservation of diurnal (daytime hunting) birds of prey, assembling all the facts and fables about these mysterious and glorious birds. Over 100 full-color photos.

The Falconers Apprentice – William Oakes. Privately published. Excellent discussion of how a red tailed hawk is trained. (about $20.00). Bill does an outstanding job of really getting down to the basics of manning and the basic training of the red tailed hawk. This book is straight forward, easy to understand

Falconry Equipment – Kimsey Hodges. Private- excellent overview of all aspects of falconry equipment only (About $30.00)

California Falconry Examination Manual – 500 questions similar to falconry test with discussion

Falconry and Hawking – Phillip Glasier. You will hear the words “classic text” used about many things, but in this case it actually applies. There are very few other books that you can compare to this one with regards to actual useable information. About $50.00)

The Kings and Their Hawk – The study of falconry—the birds, the sport, and the men who owned, flew and cared for the birds—provides a series of windows into the medieval world that shed light on social attitudes, religious symbolism and artistic imagery of the period.

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Where to Find Them

Western Sporting carries all sorts of books and publications about falconry as well as falconry equipment. Note cards, journals and much more. Click here to see Western Sporting’s Recommended Reading List. (Word Document)

Western Sporting
P.O. Box 939
Ranchester, WY 82839-0939
Fax:    307-672-5573

Northwoods carries all sorts of falconry equipment as well as books and tapes. Their latest catalog costs $7 and has about 60-70 pages in it.

Northwoods Limited
P.O. Box 874
Rainier, WA 98576
Phone: (206) 446-3212
Phone: (800) 446-5080

Mike’s Falconry carries several titles on falconry.

Mike’s Falconry Supplies
4700 S.E. Chase Rd
Gresham, Oregan, USA 97080
Phone: (888) 663-5601
Phone: (503) 663-5601

The Peregrine Fundcarries books on the breeding, current status, and rehabilitation of birds of prey. They also carry a few titles on falconry.

The Peregrine Fund
5666 West Flying Hawk Lane
Boise, Idaho 83709
Phone: (208) 362 3716

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