Falconry Links

Below is a list of links to various sites that are directly or indirectly related to falconry and/or birds of prey. These links are provided to assist you with additional information. The NCFG does not necessarily support all ideas, products or positions presented in the following links.


Dan Wake’s Falconry page – American Game hawker web page. Photos, links and equipment pages.

Raptors Nest – A World Wide Resource for Falconry.  Here you can find a list of birds available for sale or transfer.

Roy’s Falconry Page – A falconer from BC, has info on falconry clubs in BC and more.

Steven’s Hawking Page – Scottish Falconry site

Falconry Groups

North American Falconers Association – the national falconry organization of the United States

Arizona Falconers Association

California Hawking Club

Florida Hawking Fraternity

Georgia Falconry Association

Michigan Hawking Club

Pennsylvania Falconry and Hawk Trust

Virginia Falconers Association

Other state clubs / groups / organizations

Falconry Art

Online gallery of internationally distinguished realist wildlife artist Abbey Walmsley www.AbbeyWalmsley.com

Raptor Gallery – LOTS of raptor photos – wild birds, falconry birds, rehab birds.


American Falconry a magazine that is devoted entirely to the sport of falconry and is produced by practicing falconers.

Birds of Prey and Related Wildlife Pages

The Carolina Raptor Center – A non-profit organization, the CRC mission is the conservation of birds of prey through rehabilitation, research, and education.

North Carolina Wildlife Federation – The mission of the North Carolina Wildlife Federation is to be the leading advocate for all North Carolina wildlife and its habitat.

Hawk Mountain – located in southeastern, PA, an excellent place to observe fall migration.   This page displays the daily counts taken on the mountain.

Cape May Hawk Watch – Located in New Jersey, this is an excellent location to watch raptor migration.  This page contains information about migrations counts.

The Peregrine Fund – Working to conserve birds of prey in nature. World renowned raptor restoration projects.

Falconry and Raptor Education Foundation


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****Coulson Harris Hawks

****Counces Bells

Davidsons Falconry

D.B. Scientific

Falcon Products USA

****Hawkeye Falconry

****Ken Hooke Hoods

****Mike Depuy Hawkfood

****Noble Bells

Northwoods Limited

****Pineo Falconry

****Rodent Pro

Western Sporting


Marshall Radio

Merlin Systems, Inc

Government Agencies – Federal, State, etc.

North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission

US Fish and Wildlife Service